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Electronic Pocket Dosimeters
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Electronic Pocket Dosimeters

Hitachi-Aloka Medical, a pioneer in the field of radiation measurement, offers a line of Electronic Pocket Dosimeters that are ideal for use in nuclear power, medicine, biochemistry and pharmacology industries, and play a crucial role in radiation safety management in companies worldwide.

For personnel who may be exposed to radiation, the Electronic Pocket Dosimeters allow you to check and monitor accumulated amount of radiation exposure. All dosimeters include: battery, strap, instruction manual, calibration and inspection certificate.

The PDM-122 and PDM-222 display accumulated dose and dose rate and have a measurement range from 0.1 mRem to 1000 Rem with a dose rate of 0.1 mRem/h to 100 Rem/h. The PDM-222 also includes a backlight display and an alarm function. With an energy dependence of +/- 30% from 50 keV to 1.5 MeV both models are appropriate for use in Nuclear Medicine/PET departments or in environments where similar ionizing radiation energies are present.

The PDM-127 and PDM-227 display accumulated dose and dose rate and have measurement ranges from 0.1 mRem to 100 Rem with a dose rate of 0.1 mRem/h to 10 Rem/h. The PDM-227 also includes a backlight display and an alarm function. The PDM-127 and PDM-227 have energy dependences within +/- 30% from 30 keV to 200 keV making them ideal for monitoring radiation in procedures involving X-Ray.

The PDM-313 detects both thermal and fast neutrons with a continuous display of dose from 0.01 to 99.99 mSv with an energy dependence of 0.025 eV to 15 MeV. The PDM-313 is particularly suited for use around accelerators, reactors and where similar energies are present.

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PDM-122 Specs
PDM-222 Specs
PDM-127 Specs
PDM-227 Specs
PDM-313 Specs

Item #Product NamePrice Qty
543205 PDM-122 Electronic Pocket Dosimeter

Each $299.00
543208 PDM-222 Electronic Pocket Dosimeter

Each $353.00
543206 PDM-127 Electronic Pocket Dosimeter

Each $299.00
543209 PDM-227 Electronic Pocket Dosimeter

Each $482.00
543203 PDM-313 Electronic Pocket Dosimeter

Each $1,117.00

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