UTED Transducer Phantom
UTED Transducer Phantom UTED Transducer Phantom UTED Transducer Phantom

Comply with the uniformity and artifact requirement of ACR Accreditation Program "Dead" or non-functional crystal elements in the lens of ultrasound transducers are common and greatly affect image quality and resolution. The Ultrasound Transducer Evaluation Device (UTED) phantom is designed to test the integrity of various types of transducers. The method is based on the evaluation of an image created by transmitted ultrasound reverberations in the lens. The UTED is suitable for linear probe and convex types of transducers but not for phased array sector scan transducers. Scan planes are available for: Linear, Curved and End-fire transducers. The phantom does not include any targets. Instead users should expect to see a smooth, homogeneous surface if their transducer is working properly. Shadows, dark columns or items in the image are an indication of a problem. Ultrasound gel is required for proper testing. Routine testing will ensure that your ultrasound system probes are working correctly. Economically priced, you can keep a UTED in every ultrasound room. Used by sonographers for daily testing of probes.

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UTED Transducer Phantom

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UTED Transducer Phantom

UTED Transducer Phantom
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