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LifeDop™ ABI System
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LifeDop™ ABI System



The LifeDop™ ABI System contains many unique features not found in other ABI systems. LifeDop™ ABI system with printer features a portable Bi-directional Doppler with compact printer for the diagnosis of Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD), and General Vascular Applications. Meets Medicare reimbursement criteria and is one of the most economical and capable systems on the market.





System Includes:

* 8 MHz Bi-directional Doppler probe with the same optimal beam shape and sensitivity as the non-directional LifeDop 8MHz.
* Compact, durable, battery-powered printer, includes belt clip.
* Fast Bi-directional waveform printing on a rechargeable battery powered printer. Takes 10 seconds compared to 60 seconds for competitor’s units.
* Special peel and stick label paper saves time. Printed waveform attaches to formatted report form.
* Includes ABI Chart, Forms, ABI Video, Examination Guide, Quick Reference Guide and ABI glossary of terms.

System Benefits:

* Doppler waveform is continually buffered in memory during the exam. The previous four seconds of Doppler waveform is automatically sent to the printer with press of a button. No need to worry about losing the vessel while printing.
* Automatic waveform scaling is provided. No need to repeat tests.
* Calibration is automatic. No need for a “calibration pulse”.
* Paper loading is fast, easy, and error free.
* Display includes a signal to indicate flow direction and battery life indicator.
* Can be used with or without the printer unit. The waveform is buffered in the memory and will automatically print with printer connection.
* Unit can display a full range of Error Diagnostics including printer status.
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Item #Product NamePrice Qty
940640 LifeDop™ ABI Doppler System - Includes one 10cm blood pressure cuff, and one 12cm cuff with aneroid

Each $1,804.00
940641 LifeDop™ ABI Doppler System - Includes two 10cm blood pressure cuffs, and two 12cm cuffs with aneroid

Each $1,878.00
940629 One 10cm and one 12cm cuff

Each $165.00
940630 Two 10cm and two 12cm cuffs

Each $231.00

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