X-Port X-Ray Portfolio

Designed exclusively for transporting radiology films and patient files, the X-Port™ zipperless x-ray portfolio allows films to be handled easily and efficiently while protecting them from the weather. X-Port™ saves time in loading and unloading films, saves space in storage, and saves money by lasting longer than conventional zippered portfolios and conference cases. Flexible side panels allow expansion up to six inches, so that you can carry as many films as you need in a single portfolio. The X-Port™ flattens completely for compact storage. A stack of ten empty portfolios measures less than eight inches high. Size: 22" x 16" x 6" (495 x 406 x 135mm)


X-Port™ Jr.

The X-Port Jr. has the same features as the full size X-Port™ and measures 12" x 16" x 6" perfect for mammography films, patient records and charts.

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X-Port X-Ray Portfolio

X-Port™ X-Ray Portfolio

  • One year warranty
  • A card holder permits label changes as you see fit
  • Two full-length elasticized inside pockets help to organize film
  • Constructed of Dupont Cordura® for comfort, durability, and appearance
  • Holds all size films and transport jackets - even oversized plastic film carriers
X-Port X-Ray Portfolio, Colors (specify)
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X-Port Jr., Black
Estimated ship date of 08/08/2017
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