Terminator-XR-Adjustable-Mobile-Barrier Terminator-XR-Adjustable-Mobile-Barrier

With a height-adjustable, body-contouring design and casters that allow for ease of mobility, the Terminator XR barrier is ideal for interventional procedures and in other environments where x-ray shielding is necessary. The disposable, form-fitting drapes provide additional protection for sterile procedures. The comprehensive barrier provides full coverage for clinicians when paired with eye protection and the included vest, allowing users to wear fewer radiation protection garments, and helping to reduce joint stress and musculoskeletal complications.

  • Terminator XR Adjustable Mobile Barrier (Without Drapes)
  • Radiation Protection Vest
  • Radiation Protection Thyroid Collar

Review Summary

Terminator XR Mobile Barrier, Vest, and Collar

Terminator XR™ Adjustable Mobile Barrier

  • Body-contouring, fully encapsulating mobile radiation protection shield
  • Tested to provide clinicians with 100% protection from scattered radiation at 160kVp
  • Height adjustable from 46" to 62"
  • Allows users to wear less radiation protection for added comfort and fewer musculoskeletal complications
Terminator Adjustable Mobile Barrier with Thyroid Collar and Vest
Estimated ship date of 11/09/2017
Terminator XR Sterile Drape
Estimated ship date of 11/09/2017
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