Created as an affordable method for shielding bucky faceplates from wear and tear, the X-ray Bucky Protector is made from high-resistance clear polycarbonate that protects against scratches and shattering without obstructing the grid. Compatible with most systems, the nonattenuating Protector uses Velcro for easy removal, cleaning, and replacement.

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X-Ray Bucky Protector

Latex Free

X-ray Bucky Protector

  • Extends the Bucky faceplate life by preventing scratches, dings, and punctures
  • High-resistance, shatterproof polycarbonate is transparent so it won't obstruct grid
  • Allows for clear images with no significant scattering or absorption
  • Industrial Velcro for easy removal, cleaning, and replacement
  • Nonattenuating
  • Compatible with most systems
X-Ray Bucky Protector • 19" x 19
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