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Non-Padded Elbow Supports

This Elbow Support enhances circulation and provides compression by using body heat, helping prevent and treat RSIs. The breathable support is easy to use with a pull-on design and moisture-wicking lining to minimize skin irritation.

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Non-Padded Elbow Supports

Latex Free

Prevent and Treat Repetitive Strain Injuries on Your Elbows

  • Natural heat therapy aids in preventing, treating, and rehabilitating elbow injuries and pain
  • Pull-on sleeve uses body heat to enhance compression and support
  • Breathable liner wicks away moisture to reduce skin irritation
  • Multilayered
  • For use on both left and right arm
  • Cleans easily in the washing machine
Elbow Support Non-Padded
Large • 12"-13.75"
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