With the assistance of natural heat therapy, these padded Elbow Supports help prevent, treat, and rehabilitate RSIs. Relying on body heat, the Supports are designed to enhance circulation and provide compression. The multilayered designs have moisture-wicking lining for optimal comfort and minimized skin irritation.

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Padded Elbow Supports

Latex Free

Padded Elbow Support Relies on Natural Heat Therapy to Treat Injuries

  • Wraps help prevent, treat, and rehabilitate elbow injuries and arthritic pain
  • Uses body heat to improve circulation and enhance compression and support
  • Rugged material with reinforced stitching
  • Multilayered wraps with soft, moisture-wicking lining
  • Machine washable
Elbow Support Padded
Small • 9"-10.25
Elbow Support Padded
Medium • 10.5"-11.75
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Elbow Support Padded
Large • 12"-13.75
Elbow Support Padded
XL • 14"-15.75
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