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Embedded Aluminum Markers

Aluminum-backed markers contain solid lead letters, embedded in a durable crystal-clear epoxy to clearly indicate the laterality (L/R) of x-ray views and technician's initials. Aluminum attenuates the x-rays to improve the marker's image on the film or screen.

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Embedded Aluminum Markers

Embedded Aluminum Markers - 0.5" L & R

  • Marker Size: 1.5"H x 0.75"W x 0.109"D
  • 1-2 Initials: 0.375"H, 3 Initials: 0.1875"H
  • Blue or red backgrounds instantly confirm Left or Right designations and enhance readability
Embedded Aluminum Marker • 0.5" L & R & 1-3 Initials
Estimated ship date of 03/15/2021
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