Shown to improve IV success rates, decrease the number of percutaneous punctures, and decrease the time required to achieve intravenous access, the UltraDrape UGPIV Barrier eliminates the need for sterile gels, covers, and post-IV cleanups.

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UltraDrape UGPIV Barrier

Latex Free

UltraDrape UGPIV Barrier

  • Eliminate the need for sterile gels, covers, and post-IV procedure cleanup
  • Sterile, dual-action barrier and securement dressing designed for use during UGPIV procedures
  • Enables a user-friendly "no-touch" aseptic UGPIV procedures
  • Won't compromise barrier protection efficacy or impede visualization of the largest vessel
  • Reduces procedure costs and securement failure
UltraDrape™ UGPIV Barrier • 3.25"W x 5.8"L
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