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Ultrasound Probe Transport Tray

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Designed to minimize cross-contamination risks, these rugged, highly rigid Transport Trays are superior to similar alternatives. Trays come with dividers that separate the probe from the plug and cable, while also protecting the delicate probe during transport. Included labels allow personnel to track clean and soiled probes with ease. When not in use, the trays can be cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectants and nest or stack for easy, compact storage.

Ultrasound Probe Transport Tray
  • Four trays
  • Four lids
  • Four "Clean" labels
  • Four "Soiled" labels

Review Summary

Ultrasound Probe Transport Tray

Latex Free

New and Improved Probe Transport Tray

  • One continuous piece of plastic for superior durability and minimized infection risks
  • Enhanced Protection Dividers isolate the probe from the cord and plug
  • Protect patients and personnel from cross-contamination
  • Addresses Joint Commission and other infection-control regulations
  • Convenient tracking of clean and dirty probes
  • Compatible with most endocavity probes
  • Cleans easily with hospital-grade disinfectants including diluted bleach
  • Tabs on the lid snap into the tray for secure storage during transport
Probe Transport Tray • 14"W x 17"L x 3"H
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Probe Transport Tray Label
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Probe Transport Tray Label
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