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Small Parts Phantom

Model 551 provides a comprehensive means of evaluating the performance of a diagnostic ultrasound system at frequencies ranging from 7.5 to 15 MHz. It is designed with a combination of monofilament line targets and tissue mimicking cylindrical targets of varying sizes and contrasts. The monofilament line targets have a diameter of 0.05mm, to optimize the displayed image at frequencies of 7.5 MHz or greater. Four groups of line targets are provided to evaluate the vertical and horizontal calibration measurements, dead zone and axial-lateral resolution. The Model 551 is constructed of our rubber-base tissue mimicking material to provide a phantom which is accurate, durable and maintenance free. Lifetime warranty.

Review Summary

Small Parts Phantom

Model 551 Small Parts Phantom

  • Vertical measurement calibration
  • Horizontal measurement calibration
  • Axial resolution
  • Lateral resolution
  • Sensitivity
  • Focal zone
  • Functional resolution
  • Image uniformity
  • Gray scale
  • Dead zone
Model 551 Small Parts Phantom
Estimated ship date of 07/02/2021
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