Tissue Equivalent Prostate Training Phantoms

The Ultrasound Prostate Training Phantoms are disposable phantoms developed for practicing procedures which involve scanning the prostate with a rectal probe. The prostate along with structures simulating the rectal wall, seminal vesicles and urethra are contained within an 11.5 x 7.0 x 9.5cm clear acrylic container. A 3mm simulated perineal membrane enables insertion of various probes, needles and surgical tools. Each model has different features to accommodate a variety of procedures and instruments encountered in ultrasound.


Cat. No. 928300 is the basic model. A needle is embedded within the perineal membrane to demonstrate needle localization. It also contains a simulated hypoechoic lesion and calcification cluster. Ideal for rectal scanning.


Cat. No. 928328 is for practice of permanent seed implantation procedures. Differs from No. 928326 in that it includes a removable pubic arch simulation.

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Tissue Equivalent Prostate Training Phantoms

Tissue Equivalent Prostate Training Phantoms

Prostate Training Phantom
Prostate Training Phantom
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