Ultrasound Accreditation Phantom

The 410 family of Ultrasound phantoms lets you pick and choose what level of testing is right for your quality assurance program. All 410 phantoms will allow you to evaluate uniformity and artifacts, geometric accuracy and system sensitivity. This phantom provides a standard of quality assurance required for routine testing of ultrasound scanning systems. Multiple scanning surfaces are present to easily test all types of transducer shapes. Model explanation: "S" - Strings, "SC" - Strings and Cysts, "SCG" - Strings, Cysts, Greyscale.

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Ultrasound Accreditation Phantom

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Ultrasound Accreditation Phantom - Model 410 LE-S/SC/SCG

410LE-SCG Accreditation Phantom 0.5 Attenuation
410LE-SCG Accreditation Phantom 0.7 Attenuation
Model 410 Soft Carrying Case
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