In contrast to heavy, difficult-to-clean lead-based garments, these lead-free Attenuating Caps are made with innovative XPF technology, providing lead-equivalent protection at about half the weight of traditional lead with no compromise in protection across the full kVp spectrum. Nontoxic and free of heavy metals, the caps are machine washable and designed with wicking material and a mesh top for optimal comfort.

Review Summary

Bloxr XPF Attenuating Cap

Latex Free

Bloxr XPF Attenuating Cap

  • Provides 0.5mm lead equivalency against scatter radiation around the circumference of the head
  • Minimizes radiation exposure to the brain
  • XPF technology contains no lead or heavy metals and is nontoxic
  • Wicking material inside of the cap and a mesh top for superior comfort
  • Ties in the back
  • Machine Washable
XPF® Attenuating Cap
Small • 21 - 23
XPF® Attenuating Cap
Medium • 22 - 24
XPF® Attenuating Cap
Large • 23 - 25
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