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Sony UP55MD Analog Color Video Printer

The Sony UP-55MD medical grade color video printer with its slim design offers a powerful set of features. This device is packed with performance, speed, durability and convenience. Meeting the changing needs of the medical marketplace, the UP-55MD printer adds a USB interface that allows the user to capture still printed images and store them on a USB storage device. Images can later be imported into a laptop or PC for medical reporting, PowerPoint® presentations, referrals, or educational purposes. High resolution, near A5 size prints are created in approximately 20 seconds, and the new enhanced memory helps to prevent prints from being lost in case of an error. The UP-55MD printer is an ideal choice for printing in ultrasound or endoscopy modalities.

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Sony UP55MD Analog Color Video Printer

Sony UP-55MD Analog Color Video Printer

Sony UP-55MD Color Video Printer
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