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CushionSeal Masks and Sets

The CushionSeal™ disposable air cushion masks feature a prefilled cushion. Their soft air cushion and human engineered natural contour provide an excellent seal while promoting patient comfort and cooperation. The transparent material allows for unobstructed patient viewing. The luer lock Direct Dose check valve and the Injection Port guarantee a "no-leak administration" within the mask cavity where the patient inhales the gas at full strength, thereby improving statistics and patient throughput. These masks are also available in time and space-saving convenience sets. Rather than keeping an inventory of the individual components for a particular study, one package per patient gives you everything you require. The Extend-N-Bend™ (ENB) tubing supplied with the sets are especially convenient! Just grasp the tubing end cuffs firmly around the connected fittings and stretch to any length within the limits of the tubing. Sets contain mask, filter and tubing.

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CushionSeal Masks and Sets

CushionSeal™ Masks and Sets

CushionSeal™ Adult Masks
Large • Air Cushion
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