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Every procedure that exposes physicians and staff to scatter radiation contributes to serious and cumulative risk factors. Protect your team from the harmful effects of radiation with these sterile, lead-free SecureShields™ that provide comprehensive coverage with highly absorbent material that attenuates over 95% of direct beam radiation at 100kVp intensity.

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SecureShield Radiation Protection Shields


  • Protect physicians and staff from the harmful effects of scatter radiation
  • Blocks harmful radiation at the procedure site before scatter rays escape
  • Material attenuates over 95% of direct beam radiation at 100kVp intensity
  • Sterile, disposable shields are lead free and environmentally friendly
Angiography • 13" x 16
EP • 12" x 17
Dialysis • Protection Area 6" x 12" • Additional Absorbing Fabric 42" x 32
Multipurpose • 12" x 17
Multipurpose With Fenestration • 12" x 17
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