Designed for improved patient comfort and increased control during CT, PET/CT, and CT biopsy procedures, the Easy Trip CT Positioner provides support and stability for patients being scanned with their arms overhead. The rugged, easy-to-clean positioner helps reduce repeat exams and radiation exposure and can be used with a variety of body types.

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I have used the Easy Trip for several months with excellent results. It is a nice piece of equipment for the CT technologist to use to keep the arms straight, stable, and up above the head during injections. It also allows the patient a place to keep the arms up and out of the field of view, thusly eliminating unwanted artifact scatter. It is easy to use and the patient body weight holds the unit in perfect position for the exam. In the past, technologists were using the knee pad to rest the arms up. Now we use the knee pad where it belongs and create more comfort for the patient. This will help with patient satisfaction. Another key point is during injections, especially CTA when you are using high flow rates, it is imperative to have the antecubital site as straight as possible to not encumber flow during the faster bolus of IV contrast given. All in all, at this point, the Easy Trip has been a nice extra piece of equipment for the technologists to use in their repertoire of patient care.

Easy Trip CT Positioner

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Easy Trip CT Positioner

  • Reduces repeat scans and exposure to radiation
  • Stabilizes and positions patients' bodies during imaging procedures
  • Tapered design holds the device in place with the patient's own weight
  • Won't interfere with IV poles, portable monitors, or respirators
  • Nonobstructive design with small footprint
  • Durable polypropylene can be cleaned with most hospital-grade cleaners
  • Use with a variety of body types
  • Compatible with head-first exams
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