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TransSpec Device

The TransSpec Specimen Radiography Device offers a safe and sanitary method of transporting and compressing surgically-excised tissue. While virtually eliminating contact with blood and human tissue, its precision-molded parts allow the operator to apply even, controlled compression for artifact-free films. Available in solid plate models compression plate models with 180 perforated holes available. Disposable.

Review Summary

TransSpec Device

Specimen Radiography Device

  • Permits accurate X-ray and identification of non-calcified lesions and microcalcifications
  • Includes X-ray-visible number/letter axes on the compression plate that allows for exact location of the lesion in the gross surgical tissue
  • Holes in the perforated compression plate enable needles or other markers to be inserted into the tissue for extremely precise pinpointing of micro-calcifications.
  • Housed in a water-proof container
TransSpec™ Device
With Perforated Compression Plate
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TransSpec™ Device
With Solid Compression Plate
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