Ideal for use by personnel working in Nuclear medicine/PET departments, this highly sensitive Electronic Pocket Dosimeter monitors gamma radiation and displays cumulative dose and dose rates. The PDM-501 allows users to input preset thresholds and has three alarm options to help ensure healthcare professionals always notice alerts when exposure levels are too high.

PDM-501 Dosimeter
  • PDM-501 Dosimeter
  • AAA alkaline battery
  • Instruction manual
  • Calibration certificate
  • Carrying strap

Review Summary

Hitachi Aloka Electronic Pocket Dosimeter

PDM-501 Electronic Pocket Dosimeter

  • Pocket dosimeter monitors exposure to gamma radiation
  • Highly sensitive with an energy response of 70KeV to 1.5MeV
  • Ideal for use in environments where gamma radiation is present
  • Displays cumulative dose and dose rate until reset
  • Measurement range: Dose: 0.01uSv to 1.0Sv; dose rate: 0.01uSv/hr to 10mSv/hr
  • Audio, LED, and vibration alarms
  • Battery lasts for approximately 800 hours
  • Displayed units: Sieverts
PDM-501 Electronic Pocket Dosimeter
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