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Swimmers - Lateral Hip Filter

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This equalizing x-ray filter reduces overexposure to the cervical spine to produce a balanced density from C-1 to T-1. It is used with CR and DR and film for lateral hip and swimmers view and reduces excessive radiation by filtering before it reaches the patient. Application for lateral cervical spines with CR @ 72" increases information on the lower cervical and upper thoracic, often reducing need for a swimmer view.

Review Summary

Swimmers - Lateral Hip Filter

Swimmers / Lateral Hip Filter

  • No positioning is required - just move it in until it stops
  • Image improvement with the use of the swimmers filter
  • X-ray filter increases visual detail through additional coning (see photo)
  • Lead coning rails assure proper coning at 40 inches
  • Creates a border one inch wide on the length of the image
Swimmers / Lateral Hip Filter
Estimated ship date of 08/17/2020
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