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Developed in collaboration with a leading medical facility, the Multiview Positioning Platform is designed to obtain numerous weight-bearing anatomical views in just a few minutes. Eliminating considerable patient movement and expensive retakes, the Platform improves patient and professional satisfaction with four imaging-panel placement locations and two grab bars that allow for optimal patient stability, even for those with mobility issues.

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5 Stars
Much Faster

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Not only have we cut our imaging time in half, but our RTs and patients are thrilled with how much faster, easier, and safer this platform is compared with methods we used to use.

Multiview Positioning Platform

Latex Free

Multiple Weight-Bearing Views in Minutes

  • Excellent for obtaining weight-bearing A/P, lateral, oblique, and other anatomical views
  • Eliminates the need for considerable patient movement, minimizing potential patient and RT injury risks
  • Four imaging panel placement locations
  • Two grab bars for increased patient safety and minimized fall risks
  • Built-in rollers and grab bars make it easy to move the platform
  • Designed for use with all common imaging panels
  • Easy-to-clean, nonporous material resists germs
  • Holds up to 750lb
Multiview Positioning Platform
For DR Systems: Canon CXDI-50 and 60
Multiview Positioning Platform
For CR Systems and the following DR Systems: Canon CXDI-55, 70, 80, 401C, 501, 701C, 801C, Carestream DRX-1, Fuji FDR D-EVO, Konica Minolta Aero DR, AGFA
In Stock. Orders will ship the next business day.
Multiview Positioning Platform
For DR Systems: GE XR650, GE AMX 700
In Stock. Orders will ship the next business day.
Multiview Positioning Platform
For DR Systems: Siemens Ysio, GE Flash Pad, Philips Wireless
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