Film - CR Cassette Protector

No more broken or damaged cassettes. The unique design of the Cassette Protector provides optimal positioning to take weight bearing x-rays of feet of even the heaviest patients. The Cassette Protector is simply placed over a cassette which is first positioned on the floor.


*Compatible with Carestream BRX-1

Review Summary

CR Cassette Protector

CR Cassette Protector

  • Optimal positioning for weight-bearing AP foot images
  • The face plate is made of unbreakable polycarbonate with designs supporting 750lbs
  • Keeps patient's foot as close to the target image platform as possible to ensure high quality images with no significant magnification
  • The face plate is x-ray lucent, allowing the x-rays to pass through with very little absorption or scattering
  • Non-slip rubber floor grips keep the cassette protector from slipping
  • Easy to keep clean, the Cassette Protector is made from germ resistant, nonporous polyethylene, polycarbonate, and stainless steel
  • Simple, reliable, and virtually indestructible
Cassette Protector
10" X 12" (24 x 30 cm) • 750lb Capacity
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Cassette Protector
14" X 17" • 750lb Capacity*
In Stock. Orders will ship the next business day.
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