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Flexi Holder Cassette Holder

Flexi holder 303 is remarkably versatile, allowing x-rays to be taken at virtually any angle from floor level to 71" high. It rolls or swivels into position on large casters, tilts the cassette 180°, rotates the cassette 360° vertically or horizontally, and telescopes 26"+ over the x-ray or operating room table. Telescoping arm is counterweighted for easy raising and lowering. A lip on the cassette holder enables the cassette to be inserted with one hand if necessary. Calibration scales on the column and arm encourage exact, repeatable angulation. The sturdiness of the machine insures both safety and stable positioning. Convenient ratchet handles can be repositioned easily to eliminate interference problems when positioning cassettes. It accepts virtually any type or size cassette and does not obscure the cassette film area.

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Flexi Holder Cassette Holder

Flexi Holder

Mobile Flexi Holder 303
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