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Flexi-holder® significantly reduces retakes caused by improper cassette positioning. It permits smoother scheduling and superior radiographs - saving film, time and labor for cost effective radiographic procedures. The free-standing model features an extra wide base for maximum stability. It allows accurate radiographs to be taken from virtually any angle from floor level to 71"+ (180cm) high. It rolls into position on large, locking casters and tilts the cassette 180° facing straight up, down or anywhere in between. Accepts larger cassettes up to 20" wide and up to 1.25" thick.

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FH-410 Multi-Angle Film Cassette Holder

  • Flexible arm movement rotates cassette 360° clockwise or counterclockwise
  • Arm rotates 360° on vertical column and telescopes 26" (66 cm) over the X-ray or operating room table
  • Arm assembly is counter-weighted for easy raising or lowering
  • Very stable, compact design rolls into position on large, locking casters for stable positioning
  • Lip on cassette holder enables the cassette to be inserted with one hand
Flexi-Holder Multi-Angle Film Cassette Holder
Estimated ship date of 03/19/2020
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