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Pigg-O-Stat-Immobilizer - Positioner

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A fast, sure, and simple method for immobilizing and positioning children from infants to about 3 years old. Spring-loaded cassette holder accommodates any size cassette up to 14" x 17". Adjustable seat platform can be rotated horizontally to any degree and position to facilitate oblique and lateral views. The unit includes form-fitting body and arm supports (one pair each - large & small) of transparent plexiglas and an adjustable lead shield and marker combination. A lead shield with R, L and arrow markers can be raised and lowered to protect the patient's reproductive organs and provide proper position identification on the radiograph. The whole unit is easily cleaned. The 20" x 22" table top is made of 0.75" birch plywood and stands 35" high. The unit is mounted on four 3" casters (two with brakes). The 206500 Pigg-O-Stat is configured for DR applications (not shown). The Pigg-O-Stat for DR does not have a cassette holder and the immobilizing turret is shifted to the edge of the table to place the patient close to the digital detector.

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Pigg-O-Stat-Immobilizer - Positioner

Pigg-O-Stat™ Immobilizer/Positioner

  • Industry Standard
  • 20"W x 22"L x 35"H (510mm x 560mm x 890mm)
  • Shipping weight: 48lb
Pigg-O-Stat Immobilizer
With Standard Film Cassette Holder
Estimated ship date of 12/11/2020
Pigg-O-Stat Immobilizer
With CR Cassette Holder • Please provide make and model of CR cassette
Estimated ship date of 12/11/2020
Pigg-O-Stat Immobilizer
For DR X-ray (no cassette holder)
Estimated ship date of 12/18/2020
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