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CIV-Flex TEE Cover Set

This non-sterile transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) cover features a custom tapered design to provide a tighter fit to TEE transducers. The new improved cover provides a defense against cross-contamination, while protecting the transducer. Cover is 4.6cm tapered to 2.5cm x 122cm (1.8" tapered to 1" x 48"). Latex free.

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CIV-Flex TEE Cover Set

CIV-Flex™ TEE Cover Set

CIV-Flex Cover on Applicator, Gel-Filled Syringe and Bite Block
Estimated ship date of 07/12/2021
CIV-Flex Cover on Applicator only
Estimated ship date of 07/12/2021
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