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Wide Belt Lead Apron

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Six inch wide elastic belt transfers the apron weight off the shoulders. Adjustable back velcro keeps apron snug. Buckles are guaranteed for 3 years. Only first quality genuine Velcro® is used on these aprons. 0.5mm lead equivalence.


CostCruncher traditional lead provides 0.5mm Pb protection up to 100 KVP


TrueLite lightweight lead provides 0.5mm Pb protection with less weight


StarLite is lightweight and lead-free. It is the lightest 0.5mm Pb equivalent aprons, as verified by the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Environmentally friendly and 1% lighter than other lead free aprons.

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Wide Belt Lead Apron

Wide Belt

  • Left Chest Pocket Included
Wide Belt
Estimated ship date of 08/25/2020
Wide Belt
Estimated ship date of 07/28/2020
Wide Belt
Estimated ship date of 08/25/2020
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