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Inspection Compliance

Achieve or Maintain Your Hospital and Healthcare Accreditation

X-ray, CT, MRI, and Ultrasound Equipment and Supplies to Ensure Compliance

No two facility inspections are alike. Your next inspector could scrutinize more of your practices and procedures than your last.

With the ever-changing nature of accreditation standards, you can’t afford to be complacent. The equipment and supplies you use every day must be regularly revisited and reexamined so not to jeopardize your compliance.

We constantly update our X-ray, CT, MRI, and Ultrasound inspection solutions to ensure they meet the criteria of accrediting organizations such as JCAHO and OSHA. Some of these items, such as our second-to-none patient positioner line, are customer favorites that continue to align with the highest standards in the industry year after year. Others, such as our ultrasound probe storage cabinets and racks, are specially designed to help you align with the most recently developed regulations.

Don’t risk your accreditation. Refer to this guide often and order what you need to avoid any and all “dings.”

Compliance can be convenient — even stylish. Want proof? Look no further than our Nike and Oakley protective eyewear. All feature .75mmPb front lens lead equivalency and unique designs that are both durable and lightweight.

To ensure your patients’ comfort and safety, you need the right positioners. We carry a wide variety to accommodate all types of patients and imaging procedures, such as the ever-so-practical, one-of-a-kind Arms-Up CT Positioner. If you don’t see what you need in our wide selection, we can also create custom shapes and coat them upon request.

There are few things more important to imaging safety than your patient and healthcare worker shielding choices. Make sure you are equipped with patient shielding essentials that accommodate adult and pediatric patients. We carry several types of thyroid collars and gloves as well as several types of lead aprons made to protect healthcare professionals.

To keep all your patients safe from injury as well as infection, be sure to peruse our MR-safe wheelchairs and CT covers and cushions. Clinicians and techs can find rigorously tested lead scatter protection solutions for all kinds of suites and budgets.

How current is your ultrasound probe storage method? JCAHO inspectors want to see that they are stored in a manner that will protect from damage or contamination and that is consistent with national guidelines and manufacturers’ recommendations, such as hanging vertically in a cabinet. To satisfy this standard, we’ve developed several types of wall-mountable racks and cabinets. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly solution, our Mount-Over Ultrasound Transducer Storage Cabinet might appeal to you. It’s designed to encase your existing wall-mounted probe holder, adding another layer of protection against damage and contaminants.

Inspectors want to see that your facility is doing all it can to protect patients as well as Sonographers from injury. That’s why it’s essential for you to use furniture that is designed to maximize the comfort and safety of all involved. The Ultra Pro Table is one such option. Its open-frame design allows full patient access from a seated or standing position, and it’s built to accommodate bariatric patients.

When it comes to gel, there are more considerations than viscosity and image artifact reduction. Depending on your ultrasound suite and experience, the spread of infection could be a significant concern. Those who need to add another layer of prevention would be wise to consider Clear Image Singles or Aquasonic 100 Sterile gel packets. If bottles are preferred, ClearWave is a fine alternative. Its built-in check valve opening and flip-top cap limit contamination opportunities.

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