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Pigg-O-Stat FAQs

Are there any tips to lessen the patient trauma when using the Pigg-O-Stat?

Your littlest patients are often the toughest when it comes to capturing the optimal scan. Not only do they fidget and squirm, but they can become easily frightened, making it tougher for the technologist to perform their job. Radiation has its greatest negative effect on fast-growing tissue (and what isn’t fast-growing in a baby!) so minimization of exposure is the greatest concern.

Because of its bizarre look, some techs feel it is a method of last resort to obtain a chest x-ray. However, you may have a patient who is absolutely uncooperative, requiring the use of the Pigg-O-Stat. To make the visit to the Pigg-O-Stat a quick one (minimizing the potential trauma for both parent and child), consider these tips:

  • Before the patient and/or parent arrive in the room, you should have all equipment set up in advance. With adequate preparation, the patient should be in and out in a few seconds.
  • Make sure to have an extra lead apron for a parent, chances are they will want to remain in the room with their child. Don't forget to ask the mother if there's a possibility she could be pregnant before letting her help.
  • Be sure to talk with the parent about immobilization techniques and requirements of the procedure. This may encourage better parent participation because they will want the procedure to be done as quick as possible, minimizing any emotionally traumatic experience for their child.
  • Most Pigg-O-Stats come with different sized adjustable flanks. You may want to take a peek at your patient before bringing them into the room to estimate the appropriate size.
  • The larger the breath the child takes in, the better diagnostic quality the x-ray. Hence, crying is not only acceptable, but encouraged.

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