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Latex-Free Labeling

I just received my order of non-latex probe covers. Why doesn’t it specify “non-latex” on the box?

Our customer service department gets this question a lot!

In response to reports of allergic reactions among health care workers and others, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration requires all latex-containing medical devices to be labeled with a hazard warning, making it easier for health care workers to identify and avoid products containing latex.

However, there is no comparable law requiring a “non-latex” label on products, simply because latex-free devices do not pose health risks. It’s the manufacturer’s choice to include that information or not. We agree, it can get confusing! Be sure to mark your non-latex products once you receive your order, or place non-latex supplies in a designated area.

No matter your preference, Cone Instruments offers a wide variety of latex and non-latex ultrasound probe covers and exam gloves.